Development and Re-engineering

Our main field of activity is the creation of database-supported applications for various scopes of issues and platforms. By using efficient basic software we are specialized in developing multi-platform application systems which are perfectly adapted to the specific type of problem and the specific production background.

With the objective to realize an application of outstanding quality and adaptability with a minimum of effort on development and maintenance, we follow a strict creation strategy of the 5th generation. The CASE-tool e30 allows to develop applications quickly, secure and therefore cost-saving …

  • on the user level
  • with a high degree of flexibility
  • supported by many intelligent basic functions
  • independent of any specific system
  • without compilation
  • supported by databases
  • currently and correctly documented.

Moreover structured and / or object-oriented methods, procedures and tools are purposefully employed in all phases of development.

Education and Training

We offer training and instruction for users of the CASE-tool e30 as well as company- and project-specifically conceived trainings within the scope of particular engineering- and consulting projects. Besides we organize various courses, seminars and workshops open to the public dealing with current topics in the field of informatics.

The focus of our educational offer lies on an extensive program on informatics and project management, supplemented by specified courses in the field of software-and system-engineering.

The range of our training programmes is not meant to replace the existing primarily product-oriented courses of hardware- and software-suppliers but wants to complete these. In contrast to product-related knowledge we firstly want to impart methodical and system-technical knowledge and pass on practical experience.

The instructions and trainings take place in our company’s conference rooms situated in charming rural surroundings, far away from the hectic and pressure of daily business. If preferred trainings are arranged directly at the client`s headquarters.