e30 Software Framework

Develop your sustainable business solution yourself

The e30 business solution framework is a tool for developing sustainable business solutions without needing any programming experience.

e30 already includes functions which present usual logical business processes. Subject of each e30 application is the existing data structure. Modification of the data model are automatically adapted by the e30 application.

e30 extends the life cycle of your business software applications. System requirements change with data model and technical infrastructure through the years. Adaptions will be needed, which will costs a lot of money – but NOT with e30: If the data model is changed, e30 automatically executes these modifications in the e30 application.

Interpreting instead compiling

The e30 business software framework interprets your application description. Modifications in application and heterogeneous software environment are automatically recognized.

Flexibility upon data structure modifications

Modifications of data structures are recognized and adopted in real-time. Data validations are reflexively derived.

Portable and browser-enabled

WITHOUT any additional developing expenses, e30 applications can be executed as windows client, 5250 client or browser version in parallel. Additionally, porting the application to another database or server system doesn’t need extra developing input.

Automatically generated manual

e30 automatically generates a manual as printable and online version with a detailed function description for your individual e30 application.

ERP support

e30 abstracts business processes. Your e30 application is only controlled by your data structure, function selection and individual user access management.

Example: e60 ERP solution

Maintainability and application transparency

e30 supports using individual and practical appellations. Modifications as well as multilingualism can be implemented without any implementation input.

Free of redundancy

The layered architecture of e30 prevents modifications of elementary functions.

Integration in heterogeneous software environments

The framework architecture of e30 allows the integration of new applications into heterogeneous software environments WITHOUT any error prone in- and export interfaces.

Backward compatibility

The separation of the data model and business logic guarantees a long-term backward compatibility.

Intuitiveness & easy learning

Developing an e30 application doesn’t require any programming experience. You can do it in a few days.

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