e60 ERP

… for all current operation systems

… the open and flexibly adaptable ERP-system based on the new software technology e30.

e60 brochure[PDF 252KB]

The standard ERP-sstem e60 is totally

  • flexible
  • Independent of any industrial branch and
  • can be integrated in any existing EDP-application system


As e60 was developed with the CASE-tool e30, it combines all its advantages and possibilities of the CASE-tool such as flexibility, adaptability, easy extension and maintenance within itself. Moreover it is equipped with various functions in its subsystems:

  • management of orders
  • billing
  • storage
  • logistics for stock and transport
  • management of purchases
  • ERP/PPS administration of master information
  • PPS functionality
  • statistics and flexible evaluations
  • interfaces to financial accounting and cost accounting

e60`s system-technical advantages lie in the ability to serve parallel several businesses, multilingualism and non-redundancy. e60 employs open data structures and is compatible. We offer for our standard ERP-system e60

  • a comprehensive intorduction during the whole project
  • adaption to the specific requirements of the client
  • standards, training and documentation
  • a permanent hotline service

What has the future in store?

We are working on further standard software systems such as an EDP-supported system in the field of project management (project planning, project handling, project controlling, performance recording, accountancy and billing) and a General Control of Business for public and private administrations (Lean Office Management).